Blossom Update

Latest Blossom Update by John Edgeley

We are now seeing the results of the frost 10 days ago with blackened flowers and fruitlets. Fortunately there is still alot of blossom to be seen despite the frosts this last weekend. The dessert and culinary apples are at pink bud but the cooler weather that is forecast for this week will inevitably delay their opening until possibly this weekend or even next week. The real stars have been the hedgerows where the sloes started flowering in late February and the damsons and hawthorn are still flowering! Most of the plum, cherry and pear flowers in the orchards are now being hidden by new leaves but there are still some big pear trees only just starting to flower e.g. opposite Pershore College. The cider apples have only just woken up and so will prolong the fruit tree blossom period into May, and more have been planted around the Vale of Evesham in recent years.

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