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Every Saturday in Market Place Evesham

Enjoy browsing the ‘new-look’ Saturday Charter market with its varied stalls. Take time to wander through this ancient market town, with the beautiful River Avon. Enjoy wandering through the park and riverbank and looking around the town with its independent retailers and taverns.

Become a trader! It’s a great way to start a retail business

So many of our national retail institutions began life as market stalls. Retailing from a stall is a cost effective method of securing a prime retail location at very low cost. At Evesham Charter Market we welcome all types of traders. If you would like to enquire about taking a stall in Evesham please contact Joseph Jones on tel: 07866 914735

Market History


It was a Minister from All saint’s Church, Dr Lewis Bailey, who persuaded King James 1 to grant Evesham a charter in 1603. Through time, this evolved into the weekly Saturday Charter Market operated by Evesham Town Council. In 2010 the management of the Market was taken over by a local trader Mr Joseph Jones although the Town Council still holds the market rights.